One of the last chapters of the tabloids caused alarm bells to ring with a phrase of Tamara Falcó: “I don’t care if it was six seconds or a nanosecond in the metaverse”, the celebrity referred when talking about the infidelity of the man who was going to be her husband. This comparison gave a lot to talk about and to rethink about this parallelism between the real world and the metaverse. “The time in the metaverse is the same as in real life, although it may arrive late,” explained from ‘’ on its website. Well, if this phrase, so popular in recent weeks, were to be applied to the startup world in Malaga, tech talent is expanding in the metaverse. And that is much more than six seconds or a nanosecond. Or at least that could be seen during yesterday afternoon’s new installment of Sun&Tech Meet Now, a forum organized by SUR with the sponsorship of the Diputación de Málaga and CaixaBank Day One. It was the fourth edition of Outstanding, an event organized by Málaga Tech with the collaboration of SUR and the sponsorship of Demium, Delvy, The Startup Academy, Cervezas Victoria, Leyton, Borke, Giants and CaixaBank DayOne.

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