Free 3D textures… Let’s face it; creating textures for specific 3D models is not an easy task. When it comes to making simple textures like plain metallic or brick patterns, etc., we can simply use the shaders available in Blender, making the creation of certain textures easier. We can even add details such as corrosion and wear!

However, if we’re looking for something more specific, it often makes sense to search the web for textures that suit our needs, instead of spending time experimenting in Blender without finding what we need for our project. Luckily, we have a wide selection of free 3D textures on the internet to save us that trouble. Nevertheless, if we seek better-crafted and more complex textures, chances are we’ll have to pay for them.

And you might wonder, “Free 3D textures? Are they of good quality? How worthwhile are paid 3D textures? Are they worth it?” We’ll discuss all of this and more below!

Free 3D Textures

As we’ve mentioned before, there is a wide variety of websites where we can download textures for free (for example, to use in Blender). You could spend hours browsing and never reach the end! The quality is sometimes incredibly high, with resolutions up to 8K and 16K. Still, there are pros and cons to consider:


  1. It saves us time when working on a texture, sometimes even money if we don’t have someone to create them for us. By downloading them, we simply have to apply them to a 3D model and, if necessary, adjust or edit them.
  2. The variety is almost infinite, both in terms of websites and textures. We’ll have the possibility to bring practically any type of surface to life. Sometimes we even find inspiration for new creations!
  3. Generally, we don’t need to register on the website to download its content, saving us time on registrations, account authentication, or daily credit limitations.
  4. We almost always have complete freedom of use for these textures.


  1. Although there is a wide variety of textures, they tend to be simple and flat. Most are wood, stone, fabrics, etc., with various variations.
  2. We might end up wasting time endlessly browsing and not finding what we need if we require something very specific or more elaborate.
  3. We may encounter usage restrictions, making some textures unusable if we can’t use them freely and for any purpose.
  4. Sometimes we can’t download them in the optimal resolution, as it may not exist in good resolution or be available only for payment.

Paid 3D Textures

If you have an ideal budget, it’s more advisable to purchase paid textures when looking for something more elaborate and complex. Without a doubt, we’ll find incredible projects on numerous websites dedicated entirely to their sale. Sometimes, we won’t even have to pay for a single texture but for a subscription (monthly or annually) allowing us to download a large number of textures in the selected period. Like 3D free textures, they also have their pros and cons:


  1. They are clearly more elaborate and detailed. We can find a wide range of textures that will adapt more easily to what we’re specifically looking for.
  2. The quality is always high or very high, allowing our models to have much more life and dynamism.
  3. They almost never have usage limitations, allowing us to use them wherever and however we want, regardless of the purpose.
  4. They are associated with reputable websites and professionals. A clear example is, which has gained the trust of major companies such as Sony, Epic Games, Ubisoft, EA, etc.
  5. Sometimes, you even have access to support on the website where you purchase these textures.
Free 3D Textures


  1. There are times when you’ll be forced to pay for an entire subscription, even if you only want to acquire a single texture.
  2. If you need a large number of textures, you’ll have to opt for high-cost subscriptions.
  3. Although uncommon, you may find certain usage restrictions for textures even after paying for them.
  4. There’s a possibility that, after trying the texture, you may not be convinced or find it useful. You won’t be able to request a refund.

Conclusion: ¡We love free 3d textures!

So, what is more cost-effective for us? Paying for them or not?

Obviously, we can’t give you a fixed answer, as it will always depend on the purposes we have in mind.

If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have much experience with 3D textures, how to use them, apply them, etc., it’s highly recommended to download free 3d textures to gain more confidence and knowledge. Also, if you only need simple textures for a straightforward project, using free textures would be ideal initially.

On the other hand, if we’re looking for something highly elaborate, complex, and different, it’s most likely that we’ll have to pay for those textures. It doesn’t always have to be something complex; if you aspire to find very specific features, even with a lot of variety, you may not find what you’re looking for. This leads to not only the possibility of having to pay for a very specific texture but rather paying someone to create it based on your specifications.

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