Integrating textures into your 3D artwork not only enhances crucial details but also streamlines the design process. Creating 3D textures from scratch can be a time-consuming task, especially when you’d prefer to focus on later stages of your project. Fortunately, there is an abundance of free resources available for download online, and we’ll highlight some of the top places to discover them below.

Whether you’re in need of textures for metal surfaces, wood, fabric, or grass, you’ll find a diverse selection here to enrich your media library. To fuel your creative endeavors, explore our curated collection of the best 3D portraits.

The best free textures for 3D modelling

1. AmbientCG

Renowned German artist Lennart Demes’s AmbientCG stands out as one of the most extensive online texture libraries, renowned not only for its size but also for its exceptional quality. Boasting over 1,300 seamless PBR materials available in JPG or PNG format, this resource is a treasure trove for 3D modelers. The majority of these textures can be downloaded in staggering 8K resolution, and in some cases, even higher. All materials are generously provided under the CC0 Creative Commons license, allowing unrestricted use for both personal and commercial projects. Moreover, many textures come equipped with SBSAR files, empowering users to fine-tune them using Adobe Substance 3D.

2. Poly Haven

Founded by designer Rob Tuytel, Poly Haven stands as another exceptional texture library, made possible through the support of its Patreon contributors. Similar to other platforms, Poly Haven provides textures under the CC0 license, granting permission for both personal and commercial applications. Although the library consists of just over 200 textures, each is available for download in impressive 8K resolution and 16-bit depth, presented in PNG format. Additionally, users can access AO, Diffuse, Displacement, Normal, and Roughness Maps for enhanced control. Poly Haven extends its offerings beyond textures, featuring libraries of HDRIs and models for a comprehensive creative resource.

3. 3DXO

Featuring a commendable collection of 623 free textures, 3DXO distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the collection is swift and efficient, allowing users to easily locate their desired textures, whether it’s a basic wall or floor surface or something more unique. In addition to the extensive texture library, the site offers a modest selection of 3D models and stock photos for users to explore and enhance their creative arsenal. Take advantage of this resourceful platform to stock up on textures, 3D models, and stock photos in one convenient visit.

4. TurboSquid

Not only does TurboSquid house an expansive repository of professional-grade 3D models, but it also boasts the title of “the world’s largest collection of textures.” Brimming with a diverse array of content, the platform actively encourages users to contribute and sell their own textures. Navigating this extensive library is a breeze – simply search for your desired textures and refine your choices by checking compatibility with popular 3D modeling programs.


While the selection of free textures on this platform may not be extensive, it does offer a reasonably diverse range. For those open to a modest investment, a wider variety is accessible at an affordable price, often accompanied by generous discounts.

In conclusion, the world of 3D modeling is enriched by a multitude of online resources offering an extensive array of textures to elevate your creative projects. From the quality and abundance of Lennart Demes’s AmbientCG to the high-resolution offerings of Poly Haven and the user-friendly experience of 3DXO, each platform provides unique advantages for 3D artists.

TurboSquid emerges not only as a hub for professional 3D models but also boasts the claim of hosting ‘the world’s largest collection of textures.’ Although some platforms may have limited free offerings, the option to explore and enhance your library with low-cost alternatives adds flexibility to your creative toolkit.

Whether you’re seeking seamless PBR materials, high-resolution textures, or unique additions to your 3D projects, these platforms cater to diverse needs. Take advantage of these resources to streamline your workflow, unleash your creativity, and bring your 3D designs to new heights.

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