How to animate in Blender: Everything you need to know in less than 5 minutes

When talking about 3D animation, it is very common for beginners in particular to have a panic attack. Bringing life and movement to a model sounds like a challenging task and only for the most patient. Let’s talk about how to animate in Blender. Do not fear! 3D animation is a lot less complex than […]

3D Textures free: 5 sites where to get 3D textures for your illustrations

Integrating textures into your 3D artwork not only enhances crucial details but also streamlines the design process. Creating 3D textures from scratch can be a time-consuming task, especially when you’d prefer to focus on later stages of your project. Fortunately, there is an abundance of free resources available for download online, and we’ll highlight some […]

Learn how to texture a 3D model in Blender

Instead of resorting to more conventional programs such as Photoshop or Substance Painter for texturing 3D models, we can take full advantage of the capabilities of Blender, a software that is often overlooked in this context. Although there are more common programs, Blender offers significant potential without the need to constantly export and import between […]