At the epicentre of our rebranding is our new logo, a stylised ‘b’ shape superimposed on a circular element. What is this circulating element? This design is not only visually appealing, but also carries a deep meaning that reflects our identity and values. And above all, our purpose.

The Stylised ‘B’ Figure: Identity and Connection

The lower case letter ‘b’ not only represents our brand name, but also symbolises our identity and connection to you, our valued community. Now our logo is an identity with personality (which we call Beechito).

The Circular Element: Workflow, feedforward and infinite cycle

The circular element under beechito symbolises continuity, the infinite cycle of innovation and continuous improvement. It reflects our commitment to constant evolution. This circle represents eternity, connection and the ever-present nature of our commitment to creativity.

Colours: Elegant and creative in equal measure.

In our creative journey, we embrace the philosophy that true beauty lies in simplicity. Our stylised ‘B’ shape on the circular element is not only minimalistic, but also a canvas for creativity. We have adopted a simple aesthetic to give free rein to the imagination and innovation that characterise our brand.

Timeless Elegance and Unlimited Creativity: Black and White as a Creative Canvas

Black and white not only represent a classic palette, but also offer an unlimited canvas for creativity. By opting for this combination, we seek to balance timeless elegance with the opportunity to experiment and express our creativity in new and exciting ways.

Visual Clarity and Impactful Message: Creativity at the Core

The choice of black and white ensures exceptional visual clarity. This allows our logo to serve as a clear and direct vehicle for the message and creativity we want to convey. The simplicity of these colours puts creativity centre stage, capturing attention and generating impact.

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