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Innovate each project with no exceptions.

We create and solve with the main objective of moving towards a new dimension.


To be proactive with the ecosystem

Interoperability is born of collaborative behavior, together we add up to more.


Build things that inspire people to create

We want to be the meeting point for inspiration, both entrepreneurial and artistic.


Meet The Team

After a long experience in immersive entertainment, the common feeling of betting on a Metaverse promoter from the bases of simplicity and proximity have made Beemeral recognizable thanks to its founders.


Francisco Calderón

I made my first web page when I was 10 years old, when the internet had not yet known (not even close) what fiber optics was. The page was titled “I want to meet people from other worlds”. That’s what my life has been based on since then and that’s the mission I set myself every day when I start my day.

After meeting people from other worlds, traveling to other countries and living in them, I decided to bet on technological innovation to connect with the feeling I had as a child, that longing to bring two (or more) people together, each at one end of the world.

I am an industry professional who has been working for more than 10 years in building virtual worlds. For the last five years I have been an entrepreneur, founding companies that achieve these goals.

Today I work as CEO at Beemeral, a world builder for the Metaverse. What’s better than the Metaverse to meet people from other worlds?

If you want to talk about Web3, Metaverse, entrepreneurial culture or technological innovation, I’ll always be willing to make a space in my agenda 🙂


Pablo Martínez

Since I was a child I have been passionate about 3 things: technology, learning and storytelling. I have always wanted to work in a thousand things, but only now I have managed to combine all my passions with my work.
All my life I have read and learned about all possible subjects, joining knowledge and being amazed with every new detail I discovered, and wishing to be able to create something with all that ball that was left in my head. That’s why I studied psychology, to try to understand myself and the world a little better, and then I studied computer development to understand the tools that helped to create those stories and worlds that fascinated me in books, movies and video games.
I have always had the restlessness of wanting to help all those who, like me, want to create and express themselves in different ways. And so, I decided to found Beemeral together with my partners and work as CTO, to create the tool that the me of twenty years ago would have dreamed of having.


Sergio Cabello

I’m a passionate about many things, but my main focus right now is Beemeral.
I’ve been using Photoshop to edit and create since I was 12 years old. Creating I discovered 3d, which I trained in. Modeling I discovered entrepreneurship, which enraptured me and made me try to learn as much as possible about it (I’m still trying).
The ambition to meet new challenges has led me through many paths; I started as a freelance 3d artist, I worked for companies in the video game industry as a modeler and animator, I even worked as a NFT artist. The organization became more and more important in my work until I was in charge of organizing as a project manager and, as I always want more, I became what I am now co-founder and COO at Beemeral.